golf carts for sale in Ellenton FL

Lithium Golf Cart Batteries for Sale in Ellenton, FL

No more corrosion and acid stains on your driveway or adding water to your batteries.

Your cart will perform better and start quickly and drive faster.

A lithium battery can be stored over a year without any voltage drop, providing an easy charging schedule.

With a lithium battery, your cart might as well be a cordless tool on wheels.

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Common Signs Your Battery is Going Bad

Longer Charging Time
Golf cart batteries run on the same principles as any other regular battery. The newer it is, the more efficient it is in charging the unit. Over time, its charging capacity will slow down. Once you notice that it’s taking twice as long to get fully charged, then it’s a sign that you might need to get a new one.
Slower Acceleration
Are you feeling dissatisfied with your golf cart’s acceleration? If it’s not feeling as smooth as it used to, or you feel that your cart is having a harder time getting up to the speed you want, then you might want to change your batteries for a new one.
Faster Power Draining
Once it does get fully charged, you should also observe how fast the battery drains. A typical golf cart runs an average of 7 miles for every single charge. If you notice that your golf cart isn’t covering the same mileage as it used to, then this could mean that the batteries are no longer charging as well as they should, even if they reach full capacity.
Bulging or Leaking Unit
This is one of the most obvious and definitive signs you need to replace your batteries. Acid leakage is not only a sure sign of battery deterioration, but it can also become dangerous. Battery acid is known to contaminate soil, which is certainly bad for the golf course and can also burn skin upon contact.
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